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Why We Love Pie, But Not Pie Charts

Everybody loves pie, but not all of us love pie charts (except when it’s a chart about pie). It turns out, our brains have a hard time comparing the area of shapes. When it comes to visualizing data, we prefer simple and easy to understand. Consider making that pie chart in your next presentation a bar chart.

This unsavory position against pie charts reflects Tectonic’s passion for effective data visualizations. When done properly, visualizations help us quickly see new things and digest the size and scale of your business and market. Visualizations that allow you to interact with data and easily see areas where you need to focus, make decision making easier.

But many of us are stuck managing from charts of numbers, or at best static visualizations in a power point. You know those presentations that someone spends weeks creating each month to describe the events in the prior month. Is this the kind of efficiency we thought 2018 technology would deliver?

When you finally get the information, how do you correctly tie individual results to the trends in your business and markets so you can draw the right conclusions and make decisions? For example: are we generating enough leads, in the right industries, for the right products to generate the revenue we need in Q4?

In other words, how do you translate how much pie you have eaten into how full you are? On the surface, it seems easy: If I’m eating pie, it’s late in the meal and I’m probably already full…but what if those assumptions don’t hold true? Are you willing to risk your comfort on it...or your business on it?

At Tectonic, we help you align your desired business results with the events and activities in your business. These “analytical pathways” make it simpler to use data to drive your business. We can show you how to unlock the trends in your business and use data to drive new results.

Happy Pie Season!

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