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Our Story

Blair Linville, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, explains the passion that inspired our client-driven holistic approach to business:

Old School Insight to Action: my first “aha!” moment
One of the most formative moments in my career was

leading information technology for Harrah’s Entertainment.
Their groundbreaking usage of big data and analytics to

draw insights about customers and then using Marketing

Automation and CRM to shape customer behavior and its

significant impact on the performance of the company has

been widely recognized as their engine of customer loyalty,

differentiated service and company success.

For me, Harrah’s was my personal “aha!” moment where I

learned the impact of leveraging technology to draw insights

about customers and use those insights to drive meaningful

action across a large scale. Customers loved it and made

them want to spend more time and money with us.

It was an astounding win-win.

Insight to Action in the Cloud: my second “aha!” moment
One of the proudest moments in my career was seeing my most innovative client at the Salesforce Dreamforce on the main stage explaining the solution we delivered for them. Just like Harrah’s was a poster child for the early days of CRM, this mid-market innovator became a notable success story because they were leveraging data and driving the right actions with their customers. You could tell from the buzz in the audience that they were amazed and maybe a little envious at what they were presenting: a front-end CRM system for customer interaction that told them what actions to take to increase cross sell or provide personal customer service… all based on a huge mass of data on the back-end being crunched for insights. And just like Harrah’s, customers loved it, and spend more time and money with them.

It took people’s reactions at Dreamforce for my second “AHA!” moment.

Only through the attendee’s faces did I realize the power of what we delivered, a complete end-to-end insight-to-action system following in the footsteps of the big guys who differentiate on service, but in months vs. years and at a small fraction of the cost.

By leveraging an action system in the cloud, almost any company could drive the benefits of the mountains of customer data they had into a rapidly-deployed front-end rolled out into the hands of all employees.

Tectonic: Delivering Insight to Action
Regardless if you are the CIO, CMO, or a CDO (Chief Digital Officer), or someone who reports to them:
in the end, the problem of leveraging incredible amounts of customer data and getting into the hands of the right marketing, sales or customer service person at the right time so that they act on it is a big deal. The benefits of doing it right is a big deal. That’s what Tectonic does, we deliver Insight to Action for clients in the cloud. We deliver “aha!” moments for our clients.

Experts in big data, analytics, marketing automation and crm who know how to bring them together to seamlessly draw insights and make the right actions happen. We are fortunate to work with some of the most knowledgeable, talented & passionate individuals in the technology industry. People who have stood the true test of time building deep technical depth, strong understanding of business and combining both to innovate for the best brands in the world.

We look forward to bringing our passion and our hard won expertise to help you automate digital moments of truth with your customers.

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