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Understand, demonstrate and manage what drives your business

Create a Data Driven Enterprise

We help our customers transform their organizations to be more data-driven through:

  • Business Results Focus: Aligning Data to Behaviors and Behaviors to Business Outcomes to drive business results

  • Rapid and Agile: Using a delivery process that incrementally delivers value and allows the solution to emerge through feedback from consumers

  • Lower Costs and Increase Speed: Removing cost and technology barriers through deploying cloud technologies

Data and Analytics Services

Cloud Migration

Why move to the cloud?

Cloud reduces costs, eliminates technology refreshes and capacity planning, and enables your team to deliver business value immediately. We've been moving workloads to the cloud from the beginning and have certified cloud experts. We can help you use cloud technology to solve technical challenges or determine where to start your migration.

Agile Transformation

Does your development team have a large backlog of requests that leave your business partners frustrated? 

Agile development practices and methods increase your team's speed by delivering working software on an incremental basis. We know how to implement Agile practices in the complex world of data and analytics.

Data Science and Machine Learning

Should your data be talking to you?

If you can't find and interpret the hidden patterns in your data, you could be missing opportunities. Our data scientists talk business problems and know how to explain complex data results in simple terms. We use advanced data science and machine learning methods to predict outcomes and prescribe actions.

Data Visualization and Business Intelligence

Can your business partners get and understand the information they need to run their business in time to take action?

Typical operational reporting that is weeks late and only looks backwards doesn't help decision makers achieve the results they want. Our Insights to Action methodology helps business leaders affect their goals by directing activities in their business.

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