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Strategy, Flexibility and Change

Tectonic is the premier global big data analytics, marketing automation, customer relationship management, and cloud consulting services provider headquartered in Denver. We serve clients across all industries and around the world.

We are renowned for our “Insight to Action” methodology (i2a) which leverages data, world-class business practices, and cutting-edge technologies to capture and reveal information hidden within our clients own data. This information may be applied to automate alerts, prompts, and events which shape consumer behavior, enhance brand loyalty and performance, improve internal processes, reduce costs, and increase revenues.

Our clients choose Tectonic because we are right-sized and relentlessly focused on their objectives, people, and processes. Although there may be other service providers  that can assist in the strategy, implementation, and development of automated actionable insights, none are as effective at aligning your organization to properly rollout and deliver behavior shaping and culture-changing initiatives as Tectonic.  Best of all, our expertise in industry-leading cloud and on-premise technologies enables us to design solutions that are best suited for your individual environment.

Tectonic is small enough to be nimble, but can scale to serve your project needs, regardless of size or complexity. Our i2a methodology ensures consistently superior implementation speed and ROI for an unmatched value alongside our unparalleled customer service.

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