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Tectonic emphasizes that business process and user adoption come first, technology second. Tectonic believes that CRM projects are business projects, not IT projects, and thus, they succeed or fail based on business goals, rather than IT metrics. Tectonic positions itself as the trusted advisor of the business manager. Small and nimble, Tectonic can adapt rapidly to the changing CRM environment.

– Gartner “Competitive Landscape: CRM Services, North America and Western Europe”

The Insight2Action Spectrum

Cloud Computing – Tectonic

Tectonic applies Big Data, Analytics, CRM & Marketing Automation for companies automating on and other innovative platforms. With a focus on shaping and better understanding customer behavior, tectonic helps companies implement insight to action automation in the cloud.

You didn’t just hear it from us.

Tectonic’s experts know the Salesforce system inside and out and they know our organization. Because of these two key factors, they are able to effectively support us in aligning Salesforce with our enterprise goals. I don’t know what we’d do without them.

Tim Kiekow
Business Technology Manager

We have a special partner relationship with Tectonic based on open communication. Their experienced professionals helped set clear goals and expectations, delivering much faster than expected.

Michael Rutz
Vice President of Sales

A lot of people and companies believe that they can successfully roll-out CRM on their own – in our past we certainly did. Working with Tectonic on this initiative made all the difference.

Blake Chadick
IT Director
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